This week the Mathematical Association of America is encouraging math enthusiasts to share their love of the subject using the hashtag #loveyourmath. Today’s prompt was to “post an image of your favorite math art (and artist), or share something you created, or your children created.” I started sharing some of my math+art posts on Twitter, but I quickly got overwhelmed. I've written about so many (but still somehow not enough) things at the intersection of math and art! So here's a roundup of my posts about mathematics, art, and the beautiful connections between them. 

Bridging the Gap between Math and Art

Sculpture and 3D printing

Counterexamples in Origami
Nothing is More Fun than a Hypercube of Monkeys
The Revolution Will Be 3D Printed
The Creativity of Approximation
Beat the Heat with Cool Mathematical Art
Highly Unlikely Triangles and Other Beaded Mathematics
When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Fibonacci Lemonade
Straws Thingys and Other Mathematical Sculptures 
In Praise of People Who Tell Us How to Play with New Toys


The Slowest Way to Draw a Lute
​MoMA to MoMath: A Mathematician’s Picks for Art in New York City
A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The Topologist’s Sine Curve
A Tasty Geometric Morsel Every Day
When the Mona Lisa is NP-Hard
Math that Moves
Everything Looks Better in the Hyperbolic Plane
Impossible Wallpaper and Mystery Curves: Exploring Symmetry in Mathematics and Art
Math Photo: Projection
Geometry and the Imagination
A Few of My Favorite Spaces: Space-Filling Curves
How to Look at Art: A Mathematician’s Perspective
2, 4, 6, 8, It’s Almost Time to Tessellate
Look Around You: Spherical Videos and Möbius Transformations

Fiber arts

A Cuddly, Crocheted Klein Quartic Curve 
Knotted Needles Make Knitted Knots
The Stunning Symbiosis between Math and Knitting
A Mathematical Yarn: How to Stitch a Hyperbolic Pseudosphere
Back Algorithmic Knitting on Kickstarter
How to Sew Like a Mathematician
What to Wear in the Ninth Dimension


The Saddest Thing I Know about the Integers
Seeing Music: What Does the Missing Fundamental Look Like?
Your Telephone Is Lying to You about Sounds
A Belated Apology to Mozart and Modular Arithmetic
Could You Tune Every Note on a Piano to a Middle C?
Modular Arithmetic at the Music Stand
Topology at the Tonys
The Mathematical Hamilton Parody You Never Knew You Needed

The written word

Setting Mathematics in Verse
The Poetry of Calculus (The Calculus of Poetry?)
What T. S. Eliot Told Me about the Chain Rule
Measure Yourself by the Standard of the Capybara
In Praise of Fractals and Poetry
Quiz: Can You Tell Mathematics from Poetry?
The Cubic Equation as Poetry
You Were on the Moon: Astropoetry from Tychogirl
How to Celebrate Math Poetry Month
What Is the Funniest Number? (On why Joseph Heller’s landmark novel is called Catch-22 and not Catch-18, Catch-14, or Catch-Champernowne’s Constant)
Has Anyone Ever Flipped Heads 76 Times in a Row? (An analysis of some probability in the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead)

Have you made or seen any mathematical art recently?