Geek Girl Con is happening this weekend, October 8 - 9, 2016, and this marks the 4th year of the Do-It-Yourself Science Zone. This year, the zone has a new avatar/mascot and she'll be inviting everyone to science with us in Seattle.


And Isn't she lovely? If you are in the area and have secured tickets, then please come find us.

Why a Science Zone?

To give the many children (and families) who come to Geek Girl Con a chance to really engage with science and scientists.

More about why the DIYSciZone was created and what makes it and GeekGirlCon so special among ComicCons: An interview with Dr Rubidium (Staff member of GGC and Founder of DIYSciZone) at Atheists Talk Radio #372.

We are still collecting donations to help defray the costs of supplies for the zone as well as for travel and lodging of the DIYSciZone volunteers. More details to donate here. And yes, I still will do cartwheels if you (& your friends) come together to give a $500 donation.

Even if you can't attend, please follow along. We'll be using the hashtags #GGC16 and #DIYSciZone recording all of the fun and antics.