Countdown to Geek Girl Con: October 8-9, 2016!

I am happy that I get to join the most amazing people in the world in Seattle for the 6th Annual Conference (did I count that right?) of the friendliest, most inclusive, family-oriented Con I know.

And with Geek Girl Con comes Do-It-Yourself Science in the DIYSciZone.

(I'm doing cartwheels now - ok, I'm not...But for a $500 donation I will definitely do a set of cartwheels - they'll be clumsy and ugly, but I'll do them and film it and post it on YouTube with a shout out to the donor.**)

Seriously, the DIYSciZone is the highlight of this Con.

But we can't do it without your support. Each year a bang up team of Super Outreach Scientists bring engaging science activities to the thousands of GGC participants.

and of course our Leader @DrRubidium, Founder of the DIYSciZone!

We raise money to help cover the cost of DIYSciZone supplies and to subsidize our travel and accommodations to Seattle. And show our appreciation, we entertain you with Acts of Whimsy. Yes, we do silly things to bring attention to our selves and the awesomeness of the DIYSciZone and GeekGirlCon as a show of thanks.

So, please donate. If you’re interested in donating, you’ll need to fill out this form. After completion, you will be automatically directed to the PayPal donation page. No amount is too small, either! Want to chip in this today’s morning frapp money, this week’s comic book budget, or perhaps your monthly Netflix bill? Every dollar helps!

All unused funds will rollover to fund next year’s DIY Science Zone.

GeekGirlCon is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations may be tax deductible.

**cue fast paced announcer voice: Set of cartwheels equals 25. DNLee will attempt 25 cartwheels, meaning she will put both hands on the ground and propell her legs above her head - or at least try real hard. Donor must designate the $50 gift for the DNLee cartwheel challenge**

Stay tuned for more GGC DIYSciZone Countdown Announcements.

DIYSciZone image courtesy of DIYSciZone/GeekGirlCon