I am super-excited to welcome to the network our newest blogger, Becky Crew (Twitter, Tumblr). Actually, to reveal a secret, Becky was supposed to be in the original line-up on the day we launched the network, but work and life interfered at the time. Now, with the new job and the book manuscript (title: 'Zombie Tits & Astronaut Fish') turned in, Bec again has time and renewed energy for blogging, so here she is, under the Scientific American banner.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Becky worked for a while as online editor at Cosmos and wrote the award-winning blog Save Your Breath For Running Ponies. The blog, with somewhat shortened title, will now continue starting today.

So, check out, bookmark and subscribe today to Running Ponies and go say Hello to Becky in the comments of her first post.