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Running Ponies

Running Ponies

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Shelter dogs are helping scientists sniff out world's rarest gorillas

I think we can all agree that dogs are great at everything. Except being bad friends, they're terrible at that. They're especially great at having jobs, and increasingly, researchers are realising their potential as wildlife scouts to help them track down the struggling species that (understandably) are doing their best to stay hidden...

February 24, 2015 — Bec Crew

First Footage Captured of Rare "Type D" Orcas

As they were tracking a Nigerian poaching vessel through the South Indian Ocean on Boxing Day last year, Australian conservationists aboard the SSS Bob Barker saw something pretty incredible – a pod of 13 Type D orcas...

January 9, 2015 — Bec Crew
Running Ponies’ Top Ten Most Popular Posts for 2014

Running Ponies’ Top Ten Most Popular Posts for 2014

With 2014 almost at an end, I've compiled the year’s top 10 most popular Running Ponies posts. Read on for coordinated projectile vomit,  headless tragedy in a Phoenix motel room, inflatable birds, monstrous swimming insects, and so much more animal insanity...

December 29, 2014 — Bec Crew

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