Now this is getting ridiculous.

Last week I wrote about how 2017 has seen an entire flock of small, feathery dinosaurs come out of China. Now, hot on the tufted heels of Liaoningvenator comes a related dinosaur who was also skittering around ancient Liaoning Province around 125 million years ago.

The dinosaur, named Daliansaurus liaoningensis by paleontologist Shen Caizhi and colleagues, is a delicate little thing curled up in a piece of Early Cretaceous stone. Whereas the skeleton of the related Liaoningvenator is curled forward, however, Daliansaurus is in the more typical dinosaur death pose with its head thrown back and tail turned upwards. More important for arranging evolutionary trees of China's little troodontid relatives, Daliansaurus seems to be distinct from its relatives on the basis of various skeletal traits - including an extra large claw on its fourth toe.

The announcement of still another troodontid from Liaoning, China only serves to highlight a growing conundrum.

As the authors themselves state, it's possible that paleontologists have inadvertently named the same species more than once - mistaking variations between individuals or differences in age as signs of different species. Then again, Shen and colleagues argue, it may be that these dinosaurs were undergoing an evolutionary radiation within a restricted geographic space. Maybe they followed each other in time, or somehow divvied up habitats by going after different resources. Given that the flow of dinosaurs from this part of China shows no sign of stopping, the mystery will only intensify.

The skeleton of Daliansaurus. Credit: Shen et al 2017

Fossil Facts

Name: Daliansaurus liaoningensis

Meaning: Daliansaurus means "Dalian lizard" in reference to the town, and liaoningensis is after the Chinese province where the fossil was found.

Age: Cretaceous, about 125 million years ago.

Where in the world?: Liaoning, China.

What sort of organism?: A troodontid dinosaur.

How much of the organism’s is known?: A nearly-complete, articulated skeleton.


Shen, C., Lü, J., Liu, S., Kundrát, M., Brusatte, S., Gao, H. 2017. A new troodontid dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Liaoning Province, China. Acta Geologica Sinica. 91 (3): 763-780

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