Continuing in my recent vein, I’m still wondering about the intricacies of drug education. I started perusing decades’ worth of drug education campaigns, only to be heartily amused by these videos...and wondering if we’ve advanced much.

We can laugh at these and shelve them as vintage relics of yesteryear and ridiculous campaigns if used today -- well, seemingly ridiculous for drugs like heroin, marijuana and cocaine (after all, everyone knows not to smoke crack, right?). Shake it up by considering them in the context of prescription drugs. I bet you’ll take a different view.

“Parents who use drugs have children who use drugs.”

Yes, we know this to be true, according to a recent study on pediatric pharmaceutical poisoning.

"Hey, what are we doing out of the bottle?"

"Drugs, drugs, which are good? which are bad? Ask your mom or your dad."

Do moms and dads even know which are good and bad? Perhaps not with rapidly rising hospitalization due to prescription drug misuse and abuse.

“So I can work longer, so I can earn more, so I can do more...”

“This is the way she’s been since she’s started...she’s all lazy and boring.”

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