Video of the Week #93, May 23th, 2013: From: Evolutionary Tales - A Hip Hop Theatre Cycle: Baba Brinkman is Back! by Carin Bondar at PsiVid. Source: Evolutionary Tales: A Hip Hop Theatre Cycle Baba Brinkman is a talented rapper, writer and performer whose work is based on the biology behind evolution. He covers topics like natural selection, sexual selection and evolutionary psychology in a manner that is part rap concert, part biology class and part stand up comedy. Brinkman has a new off Broadway production starting soon, aptly titled 'Evolutionary Tales: A Hip Hop Theatre Cycle', in which he will be playing a combination of his three previous works. These are: Ingenious Nature, The Rap Guide to Evolution, and The Canterbury Tales Remixed, all performed with live turntablism and original music by UK Millennium Award winning DJ/Producer Jamie Simmonds. If you're in the New York area make sure to check it out!