Welcome to the thirteenth installment of You Should Know, where I give my own #ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and Blogs you may not yet know about.

Introducing...Dr. Buddhini Samarasinghe

We travel back to the UK to meet Dr. Buddhini Samarasinghe. Dr. Samarasinghe earned her PhD from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. She did a postdoc at the University of Hawaii working in Cancer research, specializing in cellular signaling pathways. When she is not lending her mind to cancer research, she is writing for her blog, Jargon Wall. Jargon Wall is used to communicate science with the public by de-jargoning research papers and debunking sensationalized science reporting. The blog caters to a self-selecting audience of individuals who are especially interested in biomedical research and cancer research. Jargon Wall is an amazing science outreach vehicle that breaks down the barriers of understanding and access to these topics. I see it as an especially useful science communication and outreach tool for families who want to know more about research related to cancer and cancer treatment for loved ones.

In her own words:

I write about the life sciences for an interested lay audience. I frequently explicate published research so that the public can understand research findings, minus the jargon. My most common topic is cancer and its molecular mechanisms, but I also write about other molecular biology topics.

Links to some of her engaging material:

Introduction to the Hallmarks of Cancer

The Knockout Mouse

How to Build a Snake

Jargon Wall also has a series of Google+ Hangout archives of Dr. Samarasinghe speaking with other biomedical researchers. Jargon Wall Videos. All kinds of amazing there, discussions about women and minorities to STEM as well as understanding Cancer Signalling and Ebola.

You can engage Dr. Samarasinghe at the following social media services:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrHalfPintBuddy

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+BuddhiniSamarasinghe

Tumblr: http://drhalfpintbuddy.tumblr.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrHalfPintBuddy

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