Welcome back to You Should Know, my weekly #ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and Blogs you may not yet know about. This is installment number 11 and for the first time, we hop across the pond.

Introducing...Amber Bullingham and Sciencey Things

Amber Bullingham is a Biologist that has always had a passion for writing. She started her blog, Sciency Things in 2013 while still in school. The blog is a virtual scrap book where Amber plays out her passions for both communication and science. Her blog posts cover everything from microbiology to ecology, physical sciences, cancer and even the intersection and science and sports. She blogs about the old, new, good, and bad stuff of science, most of which will be in biology and environmental topics. Her long term goals include influencing change for the environment through her writing. After you visit her blog I am sure you will agree with me: the entire blog is treat.

Amber Bullingham recently graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc (Honors) and will begin her Masters studies in science communications at the University of West England, Bristol. Currently, Amber works in marketing to help pay for school. She also is a volunteer researcher for Arkive.org.uk and contributes to sciencenutsell.com. Amber is dairy-free vegetarian and a long-distance runner.

In her own words

My life ambition is to influence change for the better of the environment through any medium possible: writing, educating young people, consulting for business or government. Science communication comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. At sciencythings.com, I take a critical look at the evidence for and against hot topics and share my findings with you.

Links to some of her engaging material:

The love and exploitation of a Chimp named Ned

Sciencey Bucket List

You can engage Ms. Bullingham at the following social media services:

Twitter: @sciencythings13

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