EBONY Magazine announces the 2014 honorees of their 2014 Power 100 List - names of the most influential African Americans in every facet of life from politics, entertainment, health, science, academics, and media.

I am very honored (and surpised) and humbled to be named as a recipient of this recognition. I grew up reading EBONY Magazine. It is an esteemed and trusted periodical in many African-American homes. I learned of some of my first science heros from this yearly list. The annual list of 100 Most Influential African-Americans where I was first acquainted with THE Dr. Shirley Malcom. I was in college and I saw her picture and affiliation with AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science, and my interests and path in the sciences became clear. Dr. Malcom was my beacon and role model. When I had a chance to meet her in the flesh, I was every bit the gawking fangirl with stars in my eyes as kid would be if they met a famous celebrity, see here.

Long story short: I'm excited. I'm happy. I'm proud. I've been lobbying hard for the Black Press to recognize the hard work and contributions of African-American academics, scientists, and engineers. This recognition is the result of the hard work and passion of many, many individuals (and organizations) who believe - like me - that African American scientists, engineers, science and math educators, and science communicators are on the front line of community empowerment, social justice and service. I accept this recognition as an influencer in Social Media on behalf of all of my friends, colleagues, and mentors who work hard to represent African American excellence in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics): The National Science & Technology News Service, #BLACKandSTEM family, #DivSciWri Allies, #HipHopEd community, and all the other STEM access and Diversity activists who have used social media to raise awareness and light the path to African African STEM achievement.

So, I'll be partying it up tonight with all the beautiful people who come to gala tonight.