Two weeks ago over 200 young girls between the ages of 16-18 were re-taking a physics exam in northeast Nigeria were invaded by Boko Haram terrorist. Armed men descended upon their school, defenseless and out of surprised kicked in doors and corralled them into trucks and took them away. Some reports from nearby villagers indicate they were being held in the nearby forests. Fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins were searching desperately for them in those suspected forests - without arms, without weapons or military might to match that of the kidnappers. And two weeks later they still have no answers.

Imagine if it were your child, that you sent to school and she never returned home. How upset and distraught you would be? Now imagine an entire community all grieving and reeling from the collective emptiness. Our daughters were taken away. Taken. The mothers of those daughters are requesting demanding assistance from the Nigerian government and now from the international community as well.

Now is a good time to email your Federal representatives and ask them to assist the Nigerian Government to bring the girls back home to their parents.