The 2016 TED Fellows have been announced. Nine of the 21 Fellows are Scientists. Meet the innovators from around the world who will be sharing their amazing and big ideas at the 2016 TED conference in Vancouver, Canada, February 15-19, 2016.

Meet the Scientists of the 2016 TED Fellows Class

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                                                 2016 #TEDFellows Scientists

1. Prosanta Chakrabarty is an Evolutionary Biologist from the USA is an Ichthyologist (Fishes) and natural historian researching and discovering fish around the world in an effort to understand fundamental aspects of biological diversity. You can congratulate him at @LSU_Fish.

2. Keolu Fox represents the USA and native Hawaii. He is a Geneticist + Indigenous Rights Activist exploring the links between human genetic variation and disease in underrepresented populations with the goal of eliminating health disparities. You can send a congratulatory tweet @KeoluFox.

3. Laura Indolfi was born in Italy and now lives in the USA is a Biomedical Entrepreneur.  Her biomedical innovations are revolutionizing cancer treatments with new technologies -- including implantable devices for delivering drugs locally at the site of a tumor. Send her congratulatory tweets at @LauraIndolfi.

4. Majala Mlagui, from Kenya, is  Gemologist and Mining Entrepreneur.  She is the founder of Thamani Gems, which works with artisanal and small-scale gemstone miners in East Africa to create sustainable livelihoods through responsible mining, ethical sourcing and access to fair trade markets. Learn more about her ventures at @_Thamani.


5. Hélène Morlon, from France, is a Biodiversity Mathematician Researcher. She uses mathematics and computer codes to understand the history of life and evolution on our planet and examine the factors that affect rates of speciation, extinction, and trait evolution.

6. Carrie Nugent, a researcher at Caltech, USA, is an Asteroid Hunter. She is an astronomer that uses NASA’s NEOWISE spacecraft to discover and study near-Earth asteroids, our smallest and most numerous cosmic neighbors.  She also hosts an awesome podcasts discussing the latest and most interesting Astronomy news. Learn more about her work and send her a tweet @Listen2SpacePod.

7. Andrew Pelling is from Canada and is a Biohacker. His science disrupts traditional approaches by using low-cost, open source materials – like apples and LEGOs – for next generation medical innovations. Follow along and learn about his awesome work, and send him a congratulatory tweet at @PellingLab.

8. Sam Stranks represents the UK and Australia and is a Solar Energy Researcher. He is an experimental physicist studying how light interacts with solar materials, pioneering discoveries in the field of low-cost, efficient solar cells made from a revolutionary material called hybrid perovskites. His work was recently featured in the July 2015 edition of Scientific American and is worth checking out.

9. Vanessa Wood, originally from the USA and now works in Switzerland is an Electrical Engineer.  She uses nanomaterials to revolutionize energy systems – from solar cells to batteries.