I'm coming to the east coast in 3 weeks. I'm honored (and excited) to participate in the New York Academy of Sciences Science & the City event on Lust and Love in the Animal Kingdom! It will be a conversational panel discussion (not individual presentations) about the science sex and love.

Science & the City, a program of the New York Academy of Sciences, is hosting a special event:

Lust and Love in the Animal Kingdom

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 | 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

From monogamous birds to polygamous primates, we love to point to the animal kingdom to explain our sexual patterns and behaviors. Can swans teach us about monogamy? Is bonobo promiscuity a precursor to our own? Are ferocious creatures like Tyrannosaurus Rex ferocious "in bed" too? And which animals, in turn, just want to cuddle?

The Wildlife Conservation Society's Josh Ginsberg will moderate a panel composed of dinosaur sex expert Brian Switek; Danielle Lee, who studies the sex lives and bomb sniffing abilities of giant pouched rats, Marina Cords who studies non-human primates, and Stephanie Cacioppo who studies human primates.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, join the Academy as we explore lust and love in the animal kingdom!

Reception and Book Signing of Brian's book - Written in Stone: Evolution, the Fossil Record, and Our Place in Nature to follow.

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BUT WAIT! If you act now, you can get tickets, not for $25! or $20! But for $15! Yes, that's right. Act now and purchase your tickets online and you could experience this amazing fun discussion of boom-chicka-wow-wow in the animal kingdom for $15 dollars! At the checkout use the discount code LUSTSPKR and get a $10 discount. Just enter it below their address in the promotion code field on the first page of registration.

Okay, I am super excited. While I am there I am tentatively scheduled to connect with other science organizations and outreach people. I'm looking forward to taking a bite out of the big apple. I hope to connect with as many of friends as I can. I hope you (and yours) are able to make it. They record these events for podcasts and C-SPAN. Welp!

Since, this is a conservation and not individual talks, I'm not exactly sure what I will say yet. But I will do my absolute best to squeeze in some Hip Hop Sexual Selection. In fact, the illustration on the publicity materials inspires me. This song comes to mind.

Until I see you in NYC, please follow us on Twitter, too.

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