I hope you have had a chance to read the 13th Diversity in Science Carnival. Andrea of PhD for Life put it down! That was one amazing carnival. There were so many entries from so many different sources: personal blogs, group blogs, even professional science societies contributed entries from their newsletters. It's just awesome. Go there now!

Diversity in Science Carnival #13: Black History Month--Celebrating Our Future

Be sure to visit each page and leave a comment. Just a little note to let each author know that you appreciate his/her effort.

But we're not done. The next carnival celebrating Women's History Month will be hosted at Double X Science. March is Women's History Month and Diversity in Science Carnival #14 will explore the role of women in the enterprise of STEM. Emily Willingham, co-founder of the blog community will serve as editor. Here is the link to learn more about the Diversity in Science Carnival. Deadline to submit your post is March 25th.

There are so many Memes and programs throughout the month, especially for International Women's Day. I recommend contributing to one of the memes and sharing your link with the carnival.

American Association of University Women (AAUW) is asking everyone to sound off about women in higher education who have inspired you. They have a very simple survey form. Just give them the name of a woman in hisherstory who has influenced you.

Science Club for Girls is hosting Letter to My Young Self, a project encouraging women in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM), who are in different stages of their careers, to share with their “young selves” words of encouragement, glimpses into the future and wisdom that can only be gleaned from hindsight. It's an amazing opportunity to reflect on your own journey to science and pave the way for others.

I also recommend checking out STEMinist - Voices of women in science, tech, engineering and math and STEM4Girls by Qeyno Labs. Great resources for female scientists and engineers of all ages and at every level.