If you've been following my recent #DispatchesDNLee Adventures trapping prairie voles in Illinois, you may have notice all of the pictures of 4 leaf clovers I've posted, especially on Facebook. I've found nearly 20 4-leaf clovers since @RiceisReal and I arrived here to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois last week.

Thanks to my mom, I started four-leaf clover hunting when I was six years old. I took to the activity like Velcro. I was an ace. I could spot the abnormal clover quicker than most other kids and I could find more. I soon challenged myself further, searching only for clovers with five or more leaves. A seven-lobed clover was the highest I found.

And I still got it.

No, seriously. I don't think you all understand how serious my four-leaf clover finding game is.

Right now, I'm in central Illinois doing field work - trapping prairie voles. Clover fields are where I set traps to catch prairie voles. So as I'm out walking in the field to check my traps, I look down and see a four leaf clover or two. In the frame with all of the clover there are 2 in the field. Can you find them?

Until later,