Calling all bloggers and blogging communities! Call for submissions for the Diversity in Science Carnival: The blog carnival that celebrates people, innovations, and programs that promote diversity in STEM! November is Native American Heritage Month. In addition to programs and salutes to native peoples, it is also a great time to commemorate the the educators and professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

I recently attended the Annual Conference of SACNAS - the Scientific Society of Hispanics, Chicanos, and Native Americans. I presented in the Panel: Blogging, Tweeting, & Writing: How an Online Presence can Impact Science and Your Career. The session was moderated Dr. Alberto Roca, Founder of Minority Postdoc, and Dr. Albert Kroll, the once very famous Dr. Abel Pharmboy and now primary of Take As Directed at PLos Blogs. It was a grand session (see summary of the session by Dr. Daniela Hernandez) and really opened my eyes up to the overwhelming lack of representation - real or apparent - of Native Scientists and Engineers.

I spend alot of time promoting diversity in STEM and Social Media and the panel discussion brought to my attention the fact that knew of no Native American Science Bloggers. None! Zero! I was heartened to learn that they do exist. Terri Hansen who publishes an AWESOME and super informative news service, Mother Earth Journal that features news and commentary on the environment, climate change, traditional knowledge and indigenous culture. Cynthia Coleman's Blog Musings on Native Science space where she vets "issues of American Indian identity and how ways of knowing and being intersect with non-Indian knowledge and science".

I am hoping to feature more blogs written by Native Americans (scientists or not) in the upcoming carnical. The purpose of the Diversity in Science Carnival is to celebrate the people who do science and to recognize the many different perspectives and cultural viewpoints represented in the scientific and innovative processes. So take this time to write your post (or 2 or 3) to celebrate the innovations of Native Americans or profile an educator or scientist or engineer from a Native American community. As I learned at the meeting, the Native American diaspora is very diverse itself, so share away.

Submission deadline is Sunday, November 27, 2011.

I will host the Diversity in Science Carnival - Celebrating Native American Heritage Month here at The Urban Scientist. Write your post at your blog OR host a guest post of a Native American Scientist/Student/Teacher/Parent/etc., then share that link with me.

You can email your submission, Subject: DiS Carnival Native American Heritage.

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