Double X Science has done an amazing job curating the 14th Diversity in Science carnival. A host of bloggers shared links of awe-inspiring stories of perseverance and achievement of Women Scientists and Engineers of the distant past and of today. However, there are also many stories that pay tribute to those women who were not scientists or engineers, but who made indelible impressions on so many of us. Teaching us. Mentoring us. But perhaps more importantly supporting us and encouraging us to pursue our dreams and our educations.

It's the best Diversity in Science Carnival I've read yet. Go read it now. Like, now! Diversity in Science Carnival #14: Women’s History Month--Exploring the role of women in the STEM enterprise

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And we hope more of you would join us April Diversity in Science Carnival, hosted by the incomparable @Scicurious at Neurotic Psychology, tackling the topic - Confronting the Imposter Syndrome. This topic promises to resonate for many. We look forward to having your join us!