Hi everyone!

I am happy to report that I made it safely and soundly to Morogoro, Tanzania. My flight was smooth and no incident. But by the time I got the 7 hour flight from Detroit to Amsterdam and immediately got on another 7+ hour flight (from Amsterdam to Kilamanjaro), it hit me that I might be insane.

Long flights are no joke. But I love Delta/KLM. I got cable wasted on all three legs of my flight. Now, the airlines off On Demand type programing with dozens of top titled movies - new and classics, television shows and satellite-radio style channels. It's really nice.

Plus, I dosed off a lot. I love that international flights include blankets. And I have to say, they feed you well on these flights.

I arrived to Dar Es Salaam Friday night and after muddling through Immigration - which was surprisingly not as complicated as I was preparing for it to be, I picked up my bags, met my PI, then the driver who took us a local hotel to rest before heading to APOPO.

The drive was its own adventure. But considering this is my very first post on location (and it's late night for me right now), I'll those stories for another post.