I've got plenty of stamps, so please don't be shy about postcard requests.
Like last time, I'll be sending engaging people here, online. Ask questions, share stories. AND I will be sending postcards! Just like before, I am happy to send a postcard to anyone who requests one. Please complete the Google Document below. The document helps me keep track of everyone. If you didn't get your postcard from last year, please complete the address form below and leave me a note and let me know. I found out for one person that another postcard was stuck to his. (sowwies) This may explain why some people didn't get cards.

I will be sure to fan postcards well this time. Either way, drop me a line or send me a tweet. I'll be traveling, in the air (St. Louis - Atlanta - Amsterdam - Nairobi - Dar Es Salaam) starting Monday, April 15, until Wednesday, April 17. I still have a half of a day's ride to my final destination, Morogoro, Taznanzia. I may need a day or two to rest up then get my technology on deck. Feel free to leave messages for me here or shout outs on Twitter or my Facebook Fan Page, use the hashtag #DispatchesDNLee - because the short updates are easier than blog posts.

I get several requests from families and educators from all over. Sharing these postcards are a tiny piece of outreach but it goes a long way to inspire kids and kids at heart who only dream of travel and doing science. If you feel so inclined to donate ($5 or so) to offset the cost of postage, I would greatly appreciate it. It will help share sciene with more people.

Thank you!