I'm departing today for Tanzania. I'm actually looking forward to returning to the field. (I love field work and the chance to get dirty, travel and experience the world from different perspectives.) I'm telling you, being a field ecologist is the best!

I managed to get most of everything I said I needed and wanted to get (the 5 things I must have when I return to Tanzania). And I even remembered to take care of some logistical prep work, too. I made sure to book my originating flight in a large jet so that I can carry all of my equipment and gear with me.

I called ahead to get pre-approved for bags byt that is never a guarantee. Arrive a few hours early and patience plus having good folks behind the counter is always a plus. Delta Airlines did alright by me again.

I'll be posting updates via Twitter (@DNLee5) and using the hashtag #DispatchesDNLee while I am traveling. Or if you are on Facebook, you can get updates via my Fan Page. And yes, I'm sending postcards again this year, you can sign up for one here; and if you're interested in helping to offset the cost of post cards, you could make a nominal donation at this PayPal link. Thank you!

Can't wait to hear from you. Leave a comment or ask a question. I might answer it as a blog post!

In the meantime I'm praying for Safari njema (wow, I can't believe how much Swahili I'm recalling.)


Dada DNLee