#Solidarity4Wilmot prevails. Thank you! Charges dropped against Kiera Wilmot. Yes! And YES!! Anyone else doing backflips? This news, combined with her full expulsion from school (for next year) being over turned makes me very, very happy for her. (Though I’m thinking ahead – would returning to Bartow High School be in her best interest? Others have asked about contributing to a scholarship for her and her sister to attend a different more Math & Science friendly school. Right now I can’t say anything about this.)

For now we can focus on her next steps – specifically her being able to take advantage of all of those amazing science outreach opportunities extended to her. Many people stepped up to offer Kiera mentored science opportunities. Thank you. For people that reached out to me with offers, I will share them with her mother. I’m guessing that Kiera’s summer schedule will be filled with opportunities to do science – of all kinds.

In fact, Dr. Homer Hickam – (yes, that one from Rocket Boys) has steppen in/up. He contacted Ms. Wilmot and has offered to send Kiera to Space Camp in Huntsville. He has graciously offered to pay her fees. Kiera’s twin sister, Kayla is also interested in science and Space Camp, so there is an online fundraiser to help cover her fees to attend the camp with her sister: Kayla and Kiera Wilmot Space Academy Scholarships.

Please join me and contributing to the fund to help make this AWESOME, FUN, Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity extra special for them. I am so happy and excited for them. In 8th grade, I visited the Huntsville NASA facility and wished I could attend Space Camp. I hear they are both excited about the opportunity. They haven’t picked the week yet – but hey all of this legal stuff just cleared itself. No doubt they are still overwhelmed.

I am happy.

Just by timing alone, Kiera can’t take advantage of every outreach opportunity offered to her by all of you good people. I hope and ask that you still offer that opportunity to another “Kiera Wilmot” in your community. Kids from all over and in every community would love a chance to tour a science lab, tag sharks, or even assist on a university science project or go to science camp. Her mother indicated that she (and her twin sister) is (are) really into Robotics.

And if you’re interested in extending science outreach opportunities to Kiera and other students, then please fill out this form. I’ll put you in contact with the appropriate individuals.



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