I'll be sharing my own Stories About Science - Tales of The Dark Side of Science with The Story Collider. This week, Wednesday, December 4, I will be in New York City with 4 other awesome guests sharing our own not-so-pretty experiences in science. The event is in Brooklyn at the Littlefield.

Tickets are $10, so I hope to see you. We'll be hanging out after the event at the Littlefield, so come on out and hang with me.

After that I'll be hoping over to Ithaca, NY to check out my soon to be new town of residence. In fact, my goal is to search for an apartment while I there.

Where will I be staying? I'm not sure yet. I know many, many people there, but I haven't nailed anything down yet. But I'll figure it out. (I'm still wrangling rats as I type this).

Can we meet for a drink. I think so. I'm catching the bus from NYC to Ithaca. I'm only there Thursday and Friday night, so Friday night might be my best bet. I'm best reached via Twitter @DNLee5. Shoot me a tweet.