I'm still continuing my crusade to shine the spotlight on Top STEM Professionals of Color. Today, I'm sharing my list (and hyperlinks) of African-American Science Bloggers, Writers, and Tweeters. And I'm doing this in conjunction with the announcements of the 2012 Black Weblog Award categories. It's a nice spread of categories and I am happy to announce that there are two categories for Science & Technology this year! One for Best Science or Technology Blog and another for Best Science & Technology Video Blog. The nominations for awards kicks off in July, so between now and then I hope you help me grow this list and nominate your favorite (eligible) bloggers for a 2012 Black Weblog Award or two.

African-American #STEM Tweeps/Science Bloggers

Folks who blog and are on Twitter.

Princess Ojiaku, @artfulaction: Baby Scientist studying neuroscience and Musician. Bass-slinger. Song-singer. Writes the awesome Blog Science With Moxie: Musical notes on neuroscience.

Dr. Clifford V. Johnson, @asymptotia: Professor of Physics and Astronomy and author of what is quite possibly the longest-running African-American science blog, Asymptotia, about science, physics, astronomy, higher education, and host of other real-life things.

The Hermitage,@MeinHermitage: An academic Engineer. She blogs about life in academia and higher education. She also drops the F-bomb a lot. You've been warned. Her blog, The Hermitage, is a great refuge for the frustrated graduate student and postdoc.

Shareef Jackson, ‏@ShareefJackson: Electrical engineer, currently a senior database analyst. Also writes a science blog Shareef Jackson about Technology and its benefits for society. Blogs about NASA, Space Science and Astronomy

Crazy Aunt Lindsey, @AuntLindsey: Edutainment Vlogger and Creator of The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey, home to the most fabulous science project, also contributor to the Scientific American Bring Science Home Blog

Marvourneen K. Dolor, PhD, @marvokdolor: Environmental Chemist, Consultant, Science Communicator, and Bridge Builder (between scientists and policy-makers). Authors the Science Policy blog Water Literacy +

Dr. Chris Emdin, @chrisemdin: Math & Science Education Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, Author of Urban Science Education for the Hip-hop Generation and author of Chris Emdin’s Blog on the intersection of education and race. And a curator of #HipHoped, a weekly twitter chat of Hip Hop Education Pedagogy.

SocialMediaInEdu, @SocialMediaInEd: Computer Networking Instructor at Post Secondary school in NJ. Social Media, Ed Tech, IT, Education blogger, Social Media in Education

Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, @blkgrlphd: Author, TED2012 Speaker, Science Evangelist, Science Vlogger and Host of Material Marvels

Pierre Noailles, PhD, @PNoailles: Professor, Scientist and #STEM Educator. Interests: Science, Education, Public Health, and Epidemiology. Blogs at Radiant Science.

Charles Ebikeme, @CEbikeme: Tropical Disease Research Scientist and International Science Writer. Writes for the Guardian, Australian Science and author of the blog Science Left Untitled.

SpelBots, @SpelBots: An all African-American women competitive robotics team at Spelman College promoting robotics and computer technology education. Host a website and blog of the same name, Spelbots.

Dr. Ray Burks, @DrRubidium: Analytical Chemist and Forensic Scientist. Also head of the community science blog The JAYFK and host of amazing Science Video series Chemicals of the Week.

Brian Wilson, @SciReflector: Lipid Biochemist in training, science journalist in dreaming! PhD/MBA graduate student studying Molecular Medicine. Author of the Blog Science Reflections.

Dr. Mwombeki Fabian, @mwombeki: Clinical Informaticist, Physician. His blog Critical Thinking! Focuses on health science and medical research.

Tokiwa Smith, @tokiwana: Chemical Engineer. Social Entrepreneur in STEM education, and Founder of SEM Link Inc. Author of the blog The Science Socialite where she discusses STEM, STEM education, social entrepreneurship and social media.

Bashir,@Bashir_Course9: Academic scientist. Current postdoc. He blogs about culture of science and academia at jbashir.wordpress.com.

Katherine Ellington, @katellington and @WorldHouseMD: is a medical student, researcher, and health advocate who blogs at World House Medicine.

Blogs only

Minority Scientist: Resources for minority science researchers and sharing personal stories as a single parent pursuing a PhD in biomedical science.

Essentially Liminal: Firmly rooted at the intersection of STEM, race, gender, class and culture.

iPhDgirl: Biophysicists take on the culture of higher education and doctorate education.

And thanks Michael Meadon, a cognitive science graduate student in South African, he’s published very nice list of African Science Blogs at his blog, Ionian Enchantment. This post provides a very nice list of international science blogs worth reading. Check out the additions made in the comments, too.

Student group blogs

These are community or group blogs by students. They provide great science news, education, career and mentoring resources. I’ve read some amazing science blogs by students in middle school up to the college level.

NCCU Eagles RISE: North Carolina Central University Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement is a Biomedical Research program for minority students. Twitter: @NCCU_RISE

UW SACNAS Student Chapter Blog: University of Washington Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science is a multicultural student organization that supports student success in study and careers in STEM. Twitter: @UWSACNAS

Project Exploration: an afterschool science program and summer science career exploration program for Chicago area youth. The organization features posts of the students who share their science experiences as well as interviews with scientists and engineers. Twitter: @ProjExplore

Mad Science Magazine: An online science magazine produced by teens. They conduct science experiments, do research, report results and impacts of the science on the community. A spin off of Science Club for Girls, based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Twitter: @MadSciMag, @SCFG

SciJourner: Teens engaging in science through journalism. It’s a science literacy and science journalism program by St. Louis Metro area high school students.

African-American #STEM Tweeps

Folks who are only on Twitter and they tweet about a variety of topics including STEM, education, and personal issues.

Lauren S.B. Evans, @StudentBrainDoc: Program Manager - Access, Diversity & Inclusion at the American Dental Education Association Policy Center. Aspiring Cognitive Scientist & Pediatric Neuropsychologist.

Jason Torrey, @JNeuro: Neuroscientist. Musician. Educator.

Kalimah Priforce, @kapriforce: Co-Founder of STEM4Girls STEM education outreach program for under-served youth.

Lucelia Cherie @LuceliaCherie: Astrophysicist. Science Lover. Innovator

Kimberly Bryant, @6Gems: Senior Biotech Project Manager, Social Entrepreneur, and Founder of Black Girls Code, a STEM education outreach program for girls

Nkrumah Frazier, @Nkrumah_Frazier: Biology research technician at the University of Southern Mississippi and Member of the OutdoorAfro.com Leadership Team.

Joash Mabs, @mabsj2: Volunteer Biologist at a Wildlife Park (in Africa). Passionate about Conservation, Science, Tech & Astronomy.

Kenya ∞, @koa: gadget girl, technophile, theatre fan, volunteer, photography enthusiast, videoblogger, blogger, pro snooper, traveler, IT geek, curator of The #STEM Digest, a twitter newspaper/link aggregator.

Al/ex/a/ndra, @aesutz: Grad student working on large predator conservation in Africa.

Dr. Melanie D. Harrison, @HarrisonMD: Environmental scientist for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Veatasha Dorsey, @Visa_Vee_: Occupational and Environmental Exposure Sciences (Industrial Hygiene) grad student

Dr. Jarita C Holbrook, @astroholbrook: Astrophysicist turned Cultural Astronomer via Anthropology and History of Science. Science Fiction Writer and Documentary Filmmaker.

Mareisha Winters, @MareishaWinters: Passionate about education, diversity, equity, STEM...and making the world a better place.

Dr. André Brock, @DrDre: Information Science and a bootleg social scientist

Kellen Marshall-Gillespie, @greenkels: A PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology studying urban ecology. She tweets science, activist, and eco-stuff.

Dr. Calestous Juma, @Calestous: Calestous Juma Professor of the Practice of International Development and Director of the Science, Technology, and Globalization Project at the Harvard Kennedy School. He tweets about policies that affect STEM in global economies, especially in developing nations.

Dr. Alondra Nelson, @alondra and @sociallifeofdna: is a Sociology Professor who studies the Sociology of Science, Knowledge and Technology, as well as the Sociology of Biomedicine and Health and Culture Theory. Which is related to her book project on how genetics intersects with human behavior and population dynamics.

Undercover Scientists

They write about other topics, but they weave their science and engineering background in their discussions often.

@NaturalChica: author of the natural hair blog Natural Chica.com, also a PhD candidate in materials engineering.

Holly, @CurlRehab: natural hair enthusiast and blogger at Curl Rehab, also Chemistry graduate student.

Takeyah A. Young, @CoreConnection: trained scientist now a Life Balance Expert and Wellness Coach at Core Connection Lifestyle. I love how she declares her love for science math all over the website.

Torrance T. Stephens, PhD, @rawdawgbuffalo: writer and sociopolitical blogger Raw Dawg Buffalo, he is also a Public Health Researcher. His side bar includes links to his most relevant research articles.

Social Scientists on Twitter

Dr. Cornel West, @CornelWest: Perhaps one of the most visible and recognizable African-American academics. Focuses on political discourse.

Jason Samuels, @profsamuels_nyu: New York University Journalism Professor. Has extensive credits covering the untold stories of under reported communities

Dr. Dumi Lewis, @dumilewis: Assistant Professor of Sociology and Black Studies at the City College of New York – CUNY

Dr. Jelani Cobb, @jelani9: Historian and Author. Professor of History at Spelman College.

Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, @MHarrisPerry and @MHPShow: Professor of Political Science at Tulane University and host of the MSNBC news program The Melissa Harris-Perry Show.

TressieMc, @tressiemcphd: Sociologist, PhD student, examines and tweets about higher education and the intersection of socioeconomics and academic culture.

And more? Who's missing from this list?