The web is all atwitter with news of this new Lytro camera, wherein you do not have to "waste" any time deciding where your focus plane should be in your photo, because the entire thing can be in focus.

According to the New York Times Gadgetwise Blog:

When viewing a Lytro photograph on your computer, you can simply click your mouse on any point in the image and that area will come into focus. Change the focal point from the flower to the child holding the flower. Make the background blurry and the foreground clear. Do the opposite — you can change the focal point as many times as you like. Try clicking around this photo, taken by Lytro founder Ren Ng with his new camera.

It's neat, I guess, but I find that explicitly deciding where to put the focus is half the fun! For an example, check out these two photos I took this week while walking around Beverly Hills:

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