Here are my Science Seeker Editor's Selections for the past week:

"If you tried hard enough, could you have won Olympic gold in the 100 meter dash?" This is the question posed by Melanie Tannenbaum at PsySociety. Is Olympic greatness the product of biology or of motivation?

Whether animals display empathy is a complicated question, and it's one that Gunnar De Winter ponders this week at The Beast, The Bard, and the Bot.

"When a child has a specific language impairment (SLI), parents worry about what may have caused it – did they do something wrong?" Research indicates, however, that SLI is caused by genetics rather than by environmental variables. At Channel N, Sandra Kiume explains.

Dyscalculia is often described as "dyslexia for numbers," but what really happens in the minds of those with this learning disorder? In a video at SkepTV, researcher Brian Butterworth explains.