Each month, Bora Zivkovic, in his day-time role as PLoS ONE Community Manager, picks one post that covered a PLoS ONE paper that was published that month for recognition.

There were 34 blog posts covering PLoS ONE articles aggregated on ResearchBlogging.org in April.

This month, he chose my post, Elephants Say 'Bee-ware!' which describes the work in the PLoS ONE article Bee Threat Elicits Alarm Call in African Elephants by Lucy E. King, Joseph Soltis, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Anne Savage and Fritz Vollrath.

Now I get a nifty PLoS ONE t-shirt, and so do the authors! Thanks, Bora! And thanks to Dr. King and colleagues for the awesome research! Check out more about their research on Bees and Elephants, here.