And it is over! The submission deadline has just passed. No more submissions will be accepted for the 2010 edition of the Open Laboratory.

I have lined up an impressive list of reviewers who will immediately start receiving their first judging lists and the complex process of winnowing down almost 900 entries into the final 50 essays/stories, one poem, one piece of art (for the cover) and one cartoon/comic strip. As usual, the book will be published with and we'll try to have the book ready roughly in time for ScienceOnline2011 (we always say that, I know, but this time we'll really try hard!)

In the meantime, while this process is ongoing, you can use this post - this collection of almost 900 links - as a summary of the year, a sample and a cross-section of the best that happened on science blogs over the past twelve months. A snapshot of history! Quite a collection! There's almost 2 and a half posts for each DAY of the past year!

You can buy the last four annual collections here. You can read Prefaces and Introductions to older editions here.


A Blog Around The Clock: What does it mean that a nation is 'Unscientific'?

A Blog Around The Clock: My latest scientific paper: Extended Laying Interval of Ultimate Eggs of the Eastern Bluebird

A Blog Around The Clock: Evolutionary Medicine: Does reindeer have a circadian stop-watch instead of a clock?

A Blog Around The Clock: A Farewell to Scienceblogs: the Changing Science Blogging Ecosystem

A Hot Cup of Joe: About Cognitive Archaeology

A Hot Cup of Joe: Application of Cognitive Archaeology

A Leaf Warbler's Gleanings: Born to Move - a review of Great Migrations, part 1

A Leaf Warbler's Gleanings: Friendship, family, and connection in the socially networked global world (2.0)

A Leaf Warbler's Gleanings: Overlooking the familiar in cataloging biodiversity

A Leaf Warbler's Gleanings: Why do some birds mimic strange noises in their songs?

A Leaf Warbler's Gleanings: Repeat after me: Evolution is NOT A LADDER and does not lead to any pinnacles!!!!

A Leaf Warbler's Gleanings: The squeaky wheel gets the worm after all...

A Meandering Scholar: Back to basics: The Evolution of a Postdoc

A Replicated Typo: Phoneme Inventory Size and Demography

A Replicated Typo: Culture and the human genome: a synthesis of genetics and the human sciences

A Replicated Typo: The Media Noose: Copycat Suicides and Social Learning

A Replicated Typo: From Natyural to Nacheruhl: Utterance Selection and Language Change

A Schooner of Science: How aqua regia saved Nobel Prize medals from the Nazis

A Schooner of Science: Platypus. Poisonous, egg laying mammal with ten sex chromosomes

A Wonderful Day for Anthropology: Sexual Dimorphism in Human Breasts: An Examination of Three Evolutionary Perspectives

Abstruse Goose: World View (cartoon)

Academic Ecology: Dear Menses

Addiction Inbox: Impulsivity and Addiction

Addiction Inbox: Heroin in Vietnam: The Robins Study

Addiction Inbox: Cannabis Receptors and the Runner's High

Addiction Inbox: Marijuana and Memory

The Allotrope: Deconstructing Homeopathy: An Indian Perspective

Alpha Meme: Black Hole Duality: Not Noticing Crashing With Light Speed

Ambivalent Academic: Everything I Needed to Know About Grad School...

Anna's Bones: The Ape That Wouldn't Grow Up

Anna's Bones: Stripped, Part III - 'Back'

Anna's Bones: Road to Rudab