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A Blog Around The Clock: What does it mean that a nation is 'Unscientific'?

A Blog Around The Clock: My latest scientific paper: Extended Laying Interval of Ultimate Eggs of the Eastern Bluebird

A Blog Around The Clock: Evolutionary Medicine: Does reindeer have a circadian stop-watch instead of a clock?

A Blog Around The Clock: A Farewell to Scienceblogs: the Changing Science Blogging Ecosystem

A Hot Cup of Joe: About Cognitive Archaeology

A Hot Cup of Joe: Application of Cognitive Archaeology

A Meandering Scholar: Back to basics: The Evolution of a Postdoc

A Replicated Typo: Phoneme Inventory Size and Demography

A Wonderful Day for Anthropology: Sexual Dimorphism in Human Breasts: An Examination of Three Evolutionary Perspectives

Abstruse Goose: World View (cartoon)

Academic Ecology: Dear Menses

Addiction Inbox: Impulsivity and Addiction

Addiction Inbox: Heroin in Vietnam: The Robins Study

Addiction Inbox: Cannabis Receptors and the Runner's High

Addiction Inbox: Marijuana and Memory

The Allotrope: Deconstructing Homeopathy: An Indian Perspective

Ambivalent Academic: Everything I Needed to Know About Grad School...

Anna's Bones: The Ape That Wouldn't Grow Up

Anna's Bones: Stripped, Part III - 'Back'

The Anthropology of Everyday Life: Step Right Up and Give Us Your DNA

The Anthropology of Everyday Life: The Angels are Flying

The Anthropology of Everyday Life: Dancing by the Nile, Ladies Loved His Style....

The Anthropology of Everyday Life: If The Shoe Fits

Anthropology in Practice: The Irish Diaspora: Why Even Trinidadians Are a Little Irish

Anthropology in Practice: RSVP--A Cultural Construct?

Anthropology in Practice: Death 2.0: Digital Mourning

Anthropology in Practice: Is Your Time My Time? Deconstructing "Social" Time (2)

Anthropology in Practice: Dealing With 'Digital Distractions' in the Classroom

Anthropology in Practice: Extra! Extra! (Some) Print Media Is Not Dead!

Anthropology in Practice: Bullying and Emotional Intelligence on the Web

Anthropology in Practice: Standardized Time and Power Relations

Anthropology in Practice: The Psychology of Liking

Anthropology in Practice: Why Do Some Like It Hot?

Anthropology in Practice: Is Farmville Making Us More Neighborly?

Anthropology in Practice: Manufacturing The Coffee Culture

Anthropology in Practice: A Trail of Coffee Beans

Anthropology in Practice: Driven By Coffee: Creating a Culture of Productivity

Anthropology in Practice: Peruvian Coffee: Matching Consumption With Production

Anthropology in Practice: Can Peruvian Coffee Gain a Foothold at Home?

Anthropology in Practice: Sourcing the Social Web

Anthropology in Practice: Unmasking Eoanthropus dawsoni, The First Englishman

Anthropology in Practice: Hoarding Connections: The Boundaries of the Network

Anthropology in Practice: Eid Mubarak At Last

Anthropology in Practice: The Mother Theresa Stamp and the Cultural Legacy of Postage

Archy: Mammoths, floods, and whatnot

Archy: The first trilobite

Arthropoda: Samurai Crabs: Transmogrified Japanese warriors, the product of artificial selection, or pareidolia?

Arthropoda: Unraveling Arthropoda

Arthropoda: How mantis shrimp see circularly polarized light

Arthropoda: Is 'the Drosophila' actually Drosophila? or: Drosoph-Apocalypse Now

Arthropoda: Why do cryptozoologists hate arthropods?

Arthropoda: Creationists love mantis shrimp

The Atlantic (Carl Zimmer): How Writers Can Turn Their Archives into eBooks

The Autism Crisis: Are you high or low functioning? Examples from autism research

Back Re(action): To whom it may concern (poem)

Back Re(action): What is a scientific prediction?

Bad Science: Is it okay to ignore results from people you don't trust?

Basic space: MACHOs, WIMPs and the mystery of the missing mass

Beaker: Close to the Heart

Beaker: Proteins 101

Beaker: Differentiation Therapy - a Different Approach to Treating Tumors

Beaker: La Jolla Collaboration Helps a Young Iranian Girl

Beaker: Brown Fat: Not Just for Babies and Bears

Beaker: Food, Energy and Orexin

Beaker: Fish Story

Bering in Mind: Is killing yourself adaptive? That depends: An evolutionary theory about suicide

Bering in Mind: Being Suicidal: What it feels like to want to kill yourself

Bering in Mind: An ode to the many evolved virtues of human semen

Bering in Mind: Laughing rats and ticklish gorillas: Joy and mirth in humans and other animals

Bering in Mind: One reason why humans are special and unique: We masturbate. A lot

Biotech Bitchfest: The Art of Lying

Biotech Bitchfest: Marketing Dictionary for Newbies

Bjoern Brembs Blog: In which potatoes in France are like high-ranking journals in science

The Black Hole: Say NO to the Second Post Doc!

The Black Hole: Devils of Details: Getting Scientists to Understand How Policy Making Works

The Black Hole: Two heads are better than one: Making a case for jointly run labs

Blag Hag: In the name of science, I offer my boobs and A quick clarification about Boobquake and Head of Iran's Guardian Council supports Sedighi's earthquake hypothesis and And the boobquake experiment has begun..., And the Boobquake results are in!, Why boobquake isn't destroying feminism and The Iranian and Muslim response to Boobquake collected and edited as a single entry.

Built On Facts: The Theory of Theory

Byte Size Biology: Highly Evolved

Byte Size Biology: Well, color me surprised

Byte Size Biology: Obesity: the Role of the Immune System

Byte Size Biology: Comparative Functional Genomics: Penguin vs. Bacterium

Byte Size Biology: Protein function, promiscuity, moonlighting and philosophy

Byte Size Biology: This is what it smells like when mice cry

Byte Size Biology: Goat breath causes aphids to drop to the ground

Byte Size Biology: When is it a good idea to cheat?

C6-H12-O6: Menopause as an evolutionary strategy.

C6-H12-O6: I also dig their clever use of the word 'sinister'.

Canadian GirlPostdoc in America: Dissent gets a fat lip.

Canadian GirlPostdoc in America: Slow Science Gets the Shaft - Part Deux

Cephalove: The heart of an octopus is a fickle thing...

The chicken or the egg: Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease: too good a match for the immune system

Child's Play: Don't Bite: Self Control and the Classic Cookie Task and Don't Bite: A Cognitive Primer and Don't Bite: The Defenestration of Cookie and Don't Bite: Does Self Control Determine Class? and Don't Bite: A Personal Best and Don't Bite: In Sum, Dear Reader edited into a single essay.

Child's Play: But Science Doesn't Work That Way: Miller and Chomsky (1963)

Child's Play: Eyes Wide Shut: A Field in Search of a Science

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Crispy on the Outside (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Molecules of Song (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Cryosat-2, Orbital Mosquito Hunter (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Now You See It... (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Military Objective (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Avoiding the Sugar Buzz (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: 2010 GA6, Space Yacht (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Gut Instinct (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: The Search For Night Life (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Unruffled Tuxedos (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Her Sense of Timing (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Watching Their Backs (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Disorienteering (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Floral Rearrangement (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: In Development (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Power Plant (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Breathless Find (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Eyjafjallaj