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The first proper session I attended at Science Online was I-wish-my-science-teachers-had-been-like Stacy Baker's workshop on Prezi. Despite some issues with the hotel wifi, it was a fantastic session, and I learned quite a bit. Clearly, there are some things better suited to Keynote/Powerpoint, and some presentations perhaps better suited to Prezi (just as they are still some types of presentations best suited to whiteboards or chalkboards).

I think Prezi can be really effective for teaching part-whole relationships, and the zooming tool can be really useful for, for example, getting deeper and deeper into displaying the different parts of a cell or atom. Or for teaching spatial concepts, such as a lecture on neuroanatomy or geography, or teaching history by jumping around a timeline.

What I can't figure out is if - or how - it might be useful is for teaching more conceptual ideas that can't be readily grounded in a spatial way. (Is this just a problem with my linear thinking?)

How would you use Prezi? How have you used Prezi before? Has anybody used Prezi for teaching undergrad courses? For journal clubs, or lab meetings? Dissertation defenses? Conference talks? Care to share links to them, so we may all learn by example?