Story 5

Chinese, European and Canadian scientists recently set distance records for quantum teleportation.


Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over Record Distances

Physicists Spooked by Faster-Than-Light Information Transfer

Quantum Entanglement - The Movie

Story 4

The Mars Curiosity Rover receives a morning wake-up call from NASA engineers.


NASA Reveals Mars Rover's Morning Mix

Story 3

A physicist at the UK's National Physical Laboratory has successfully created a room-temperature Maser, a breakthrough that has eluded science for nearly 60 years.


Microwave laser fulfills 60 years of promise

Story 2

Belt-tightening at the National Science Foundation may spell the end for two ground-based radio telescopes.


Major U.S. Telescopes Face Funding Ax

Story 1

Twin satellites, named the Radiation Belt Space Probes, are about to set off on a two-year mission to explore the Van Allen radiation belt. You should be able to watch the launch early tomorrow morning (4:07 a.m. EDT) on NASA TV.


Probes Will Live in Van Allen Belts