Well, 2016 is nearly at an end, you might have noticed. And all that remains before I sign off for the holiday season is for me to wish you a very happy Christmas. But I’m going to do that in a somewhat unusual way. Those of you who know me, or who are vaguely aware of what I do, will know that my 2016 has been overwhelmingly dominated by an on-going project that involves fish. A lot of fish. You can learn more about that project – and support it – here. But the big deal? I finished. Well... I finished the fish section of said project, more or less (‘fish’ in the non-tetrapod sense of course). And thus, here is my Christmas card for the year…

Yes, that’s me, gleefully slaying fishes. Yeah yeah, I know it’s a bit weird, but Happy Christmas! The card was designed and illustrated by the brilliant Ethan Kocak (of The Black Mudpuppy fame) who, entirely coincidentally, has recently been making a name for himself as The Twittersphere Science Avatar Guy (support Ethan here).

While we’re here, suppose you want to buy someone something Tet Zoo-themed for Christmas. Well, you can’t, you’re too late, what kind of a last-minute-gift-buying person are you? But here are some suggestions for next year. I hear that Darren Naish’s and Paul Barrett’s new book Dinosaurs: How They Lived and Evolved is quite liked by those interested in dinosaurs, and it’s highly affordable too. I must also mention the Tet Zoo redbubble shop where you can buy t-shirts and other products with smartass comments (new, improved designs are due to appear as and well time allows).

At left: that book again. Credit: Darren Naish and Paul Barrett. At right: my most popular t-shirt design. Yes, really! Credit: Darren Naish

I could plug stuff by other people in the TetZooniverse – John Conway, Gabriel Ugueto, Rebecca Groom of palaeoplushies fame, David Orr of BlueAsterStudio – but that would be, I dunno… Remember to also consider supporting worthy charities. And on that note, farewell, best wishes to all.