Having just covered Mesozoic marine reptiles, and seeing as I can’t find the time to finish anything more substantial, it seems like a good time to use these wonderful images, passed to me by a correspondent. They clearly show the carcass of a freshly deceased, modern-day marine reptile of Mesozoic style. For those in the know, the carcass has a real dolichorhynchopine polycotylid look about it.

Amazing stuff. Good to see that some marine reptiles have evolved a rather novel way to deal with the problems of discharging waste and procreating (do you know what I’m getting at? Say so in the comments). And - - scaly skin? Thanks to Bruce Schumacher.

In other news, lots of seabirds to come real soon. Just have to finish this Aquatic Ape Hypothesis article (and a bunch of other stuff) first.