Prepare yourself for a seriously awesome addition to your science bookshelf -- Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World. This book is everything a feminist science art nerd like myself could possibly want. It features 50 famous and should-be-famous women in science, with understandable descriptions of their work bathed in thematic science doodles. It is perfection.

Did I take a picture of my dog reading this book? You bet I did. Why wouldn't I? Credit: KATIE MCKISSICK

Each scientist has her own page spread with a portrait on the left and biography on the right. Ignotofsky does a beautiful job blending information and artwork to create a cohesive look for each page that summarizes and celebrates their accomplishments. She also utilizes color beautifully in this charcoal grey book: each page uses a different hue to quite literally highlight the story of the scientist.

The book also features an illustrated glossary to round out the educational nature of this truly wonderful book.

Ignotofsky hopes her first book will “inspire girls and women to follow their passions and dreams,” and she urges her readers to “go out and tackle new problems, find your answers, and learn everything you can to make your own discoveries!” Indeed!

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