While I often share fairly realistic, illustrative art sometimes a more abstracted artwork just smacks you in the forehead like an impatient bumblebee. 

The Rhombus Bombus by David Orr is exactly that type of artwork. 

The Rhombus Bombus © David Orr

Said it before, and I'll say it again, one of the best reasons for science communicators to work with artists, illustrators, cartoonists and designers is for the ideas that might result that the communicator never would have thought of in advance. Even in my own artistic wheelhouse, I could not have imagined a bumblebee quite like this. 

David Orr and his wife Jennie Orr are the creators of the successfully crowdfunded book of prehistoric ABC's, Mammoth is Mopey, previously shared on Symbiartic.

This likely marks the first in a series, so keep an eye on Orr's work at the locations listed below.

David Orr credits @BlackMudpuppy for coming up with the artwork's title.