Earlier this month I had the opportunity to speak at Ryerson University's Social Media Lab about science communication. 

Here's the video of my talk, Future-Proofing Dinosaur Tattoos: Communicating Science on Social Media. I touch on the importance of sharing your expertise, building community and using Twitter. Oh and rad dinosaur ink. I cover stories about sharing the intersection of fine art and science communication, as well as creating the SciArt Tweet Storm.



Check out more of the talks as they appear on their YouTube channel, including a talk by Dr. Frauke Zeller, creator of @Hitchbot.

Hope you enjoy the talk! 

Hearty thanks to Phili Mai @PhMai, Marc Esteve del Valle @NetMev, Anatoliy Gruzd @gruzd and the rest of the Social Media Lab team for putting together the Speaker Series and inviting me to participate. And a special thanks to the live audience for asking great questions and provoking a good discussion.


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