This time of year seems to carry many deadlines for exhibitions and imagery contests. I thought it might help to list a few of the competitions I know about with their deadlines for submission so that you scienceart peeps could submit the schpectacular work I know you’re sitting on. If you know of any I’m missing, by all means, shoot me an email. I intend to keep abreast of this sort of thing as much as possible throughout the year.

Envisioning the Invisible: Mahato Memorial Event Photo Contest

  • Deadline for submission: Sept. 11, 2011, midnight
  • Event & Lecture: Wednesday, September 28, 2011
  • Prizes: 1st $1000; 2nd $500; 3rd $250; People's Choice Award, $250
  • About the competition:

    The Envisioning the Invisible image contest is way to explore and explain our world. Though the skills honed across disciplines at Duke University are as diverse as the students who employ them, every field of study values students who have mastered the art of explaining dense research through visuals such as pictures and images. Images can stimulate interest in a novel concept or provide further insight into an established theory.

    Join the elite group of researchers who have become visual gurus by submitting your greatest work to the Envisioning the Invisible image contest for display at the Mahato Memorial event and a chance to win one of four CASH PRIZES!

    The Mahato Memorial event honors Abhijit Mahato, a former engineering graduate student who was tragically murdered on Friday, January 18, 2008. He valued activities that bridged the gaps between the science/engineering and social sciences/humanities disciplines, including sports, chess and photography. By holding this multi-disciplinary image contest, we hope to celebrate Abhijit's life by bringing together the graduate and professional community at Duke in a wonderful display of our talents and some friendly competition.

NSF/AAAS Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

  • Deadline for submission: Sept. 30, 2011
  • Prize: Winners published in Feb. 2012 edition of Science, will receive 1-year subscription to Science
  • About the competition:

    Some of science's most powerful statements are not made in words. From the diagrams of DaVinci to Rosalind Franklin's X-rays, visualization of research has a long and literally illustrious history. To illustrate is to enlighten.

    How many people would have heard of fractal geometry or the double helix or solar flares if they had been described solely in words? In a world where science literacy is dismayingly rare, illustrations provide the most immediate and influential connection between scientists and other citizens, and the best hope for nurturing popular interest. Indeed, they are now a necessity for public understanding of research developments.

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the journal Science created the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge to celebrate that grand tradition--and to encourage its continued growth. The spirit of the competition is for communicating science, engineering and technology for education and journalistic purposes.

    Judges appointed by NSF and Science will select winners in each of five categories: Photography, Illustrations, Informational Posters and Graphics, Interactives Games and Videos. The winning entries will appear in a special section in Science and Science Online, and on the NSF website, and one of the winning entries will be pictured on the front cover. In addition, each winner will receive a one-year print and on-line subscription to the journal Science and a certificate of appreciation.

NYState Museum’s Focus on Nature XII Exhibit

  • Deadline for submission: Oct. 1, 2011
  • Exhibition dates: April 28 - December 31, 2012 at the New York State Museum, Albany, NY
  • About the exhibit:

    Focus on Nature (FON) is a biennial exhibition of scientific, natural and cultural history. It began in 1990 in conjunction with the Northeast Natural History Conference. Over the years, the quality of submissions has improved, the kinds of materials and media used has expanded, and the geographic representation of artists has broadened. Each Focus on Nature exhibit has been built on the accomplishments of the participating artists. Artworks considered for inclusion must accurately represent the subjects, or research results and processes.

    Focus on Nature began as an experiment. We sought to demonstrate the connection between science and images; stimulate an interest in natural history art among practicing artists, aspiring artists and the public; and bring this art to the attention of people attending what has come to be called the Northeast Natural History Conference. Those thoughts still guide the jury. We think our experiment has worked because visual communication, like a universal language, will always help scientists explain complex objects and concepts to a general audience.

International Paleontology Illustration Competition XXII: Brazilian Congress of Paleontology

  • Deadline for submission: October 3, 2011
  • Exhibition Dates & Location: October 23-28, 2011 at the Praiamar Natal & Convention Hotel, Natal, Brazil
  • About the competition:

    The International Paleontology Illustration Competition seeks to promote and encourage the creation of Paleontology communication and dissemination models based on 3D or 2D images. It is aimed both at professional and amateur illustrators, capable of creating original illustrations that are both aesthetically appealing and scientifically credible and accurate.

    One of the main objectives of the competition is to disseminate the work of paleo-illustrators of recognized merit as well as the work of those that develop a valid work that deserves to be highlighted. In this way, we aim to encourage, find and support new and potential human values that may in the future become the technicians that will perpetuate the active dissemination of Paleontology Illustration and consolidate the idea that Art and Science are both at the service of Knowledge and Progress.

    All illustrations about fauna and flora related to all the mass extinctions for which a fossil record is available and scientifically recognized (from Proterozoic to Pleistocene) could be submitted to this competition. All accepted artworks (maximum of 3 by author) will be also included in the I International Exhibition of Paleontology Illustration from 23 to 28 October 2011.