Have you ever tried to draw what you see in your dreams? Sometimes even the act of describing a dream in words makes it evaporate, as though imposing the order of grammar and syntax is too much for its fragile structure to bear.

Tiffany Bozic does not paint her dreams, per se, but she does describe the ideas for her paintings as drifting in and out of her mind. In real life, she accompanies her ornithologist husband in the field and helps measure, document, and prepare specimens while sketching and taking reference photographs for her own work. In the studio, she works from her field notes to produce the dream-like still lifes that are at once arresting and soothing.

This Thursday, November 1st marks the opening of her most recent show at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. (I have not heard how they fared during Sandy, but if all is well, the show should run through the month of November.) For those who can't make the show in person, Bozic has just released a beautifully illustrated monograph through Gingko Press called Tiffany Bozic: Drawn on Instinct.


The Joshua Liner Gallery is up and running again after Hurricane Sandy. Tiffany Bozic's opening reception is now scheduled for Thursday, November 8 from 6-9pm. The exhibit will run through December 1st as planned.

Tiffany Bozic Website

Joshua Liner Gallery