In the past here on Symbiartic, Glendon Mellow has discussed the importance of choosing effective images when sharing pro-vaccine messaging. Hint: screaming children is not the way to go. And last year, inspired by the gay rights movement's equals-sign profile pic campaign, I designed a pro-vaccine profile pic. Now that another flu season is ramping up, it's time to revisit vaccine imagery.

I got my flu shot last week when I made a random visit to the doctor. The nurse asked if I'd like my flu shot, and I replied, "Sure!" She sighed in relief and said, "I love when people say yes. So many people don't."

That's amazing to me. I can see why some people don't go out of their way for flu shots because it just doesn't find its way to the top of the ol' to do list, but if you're already at the doctor, you might as well get one, right?

Inspired by this conversation, I sat down to do a flu shot comic. You'll notice there is no needle or screaming child in it.