No doubt about it, these animals are old and dead. If the gold standard in taxidermy is making mounts look as lifelike as possible, Katie Innamorato's rogue creations willfully point out the obvious: taxidermy is just a temporary stop on the continuum from dead to dirt.

Moss Fox by Katie Innamorato

As a rogue taxidermist (yes, that's a thing), Innamorato never kills animals for her art - she relies on damaged hides from other taxidermists, roadkill, casualties from the pet trade and other ethical sources. In addition to creating rogue art, she is the taxidermist in residence at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn, NY (yes, that's a thing, too) where she regularly hosts taxidermy workshops for the general public. Surely there is someone in your life who needs a jackalope lovingly crafted by you?

Katie Innamorato's work and workshop schedule can be found at Afterlife Anatomy
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