Well, hello there! Welcome to my first Symbiartic post. My name is Katie, and I write and illustrate a blog called Beatrice the Biologist. The most common question I get is, "Why is it called Beatrice the Biologist if your name is Katie?" A couple reasons:

1) Katie the Biologist has no ring to it.

2) Beatrice is an awesome name.

3) I wanted to write a children's book called Beatrice the Biologist, so when I started a blog, I recycled the name.

4) I wanted to create a science communication mascot to represent the idea that we are all scientists.

5) Because I love messing with people.



I come from a biology background with a small amount of art training. I've taken a few classes here and there, doing stuff like this:

To explain science, I mix it up by doing short, stand-alone comics as well as long (sometimes rambling), illustrated explanations. I try to find humor in unexpected places and take very few things seriously.


My short comics include things like this:











To see my long-form posts, check out The Horrifying Transformation of a Strawberry Flower, Poop. Magical, magical poop, and Element Recycling.

I've also experimented with videos like this one about debating evolution.

Here on Symbiartic, I'll be translating the latest science news into comics and discussing any and all science art issues and happenings. But, just like I did with my personal blog, I will be experimenting with this new online space and seeing where it goes. Prepare yourself for the weirdness.