The cover to the December issue of SciArt in America magazine is like an explosion in my face. Check out the insane post-apocalyptic enviro-nightmare by painter Alexis Rockman:

One of my favourite things about SciArt in America as a magazine, site, and brick & mortar center is that it largely was created out of the ethos, "be what you want to see in the world". Editor-neuroartist-unstoppable force Julia Buntaine and a collective of artists and writers put a tremendous amount of work and research into exploring SciArt from all angles.

SciArt in America is a free magazine available for download, and now you can become a patron on Patreon to help them print a physical copy once a year, hire more staff and keep the magazine going.

Alexis Rockman is a TriBeCa-based painter who explores ideas of genetic engineering and environmental collapse in his paintings, and contributed concept art for the film Life of Pi.

Can't wait to see the rest of the December issue.