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In addition to creating science-art and blogging here on Symbiartic, I work at INVIVO Communications in QA and social media. One of the absolute treats in my day to day job is getting to watch gorgeous 3D animation about health, pharmaceutical mechanisms of action and medical devices. It's exciting to watch these projects take shape and with this latest Medical Animation Reel, I get to share with our readers.

The animation team here are incredibly skilled, most from one of the few biomedical communications programs in North America. It can be difficult to walk back to my desk without peering over shoulders to see what animation is coming next. At INVIVO, we make everything in digital health from apps to augmented reality, and animation is an integral part of our work.

This animation reel was pulled together from over 80 animation sequences, and narrowed down to the 22 you see here. In the INVIVO blog post about it, you are invited to:

"Come with us into a strange yet mesmerizing world, more complex and beautiful than anything you could imagine. Where proteins ricochet, repel and embrace, surface receptors discharge their signals down into the murky nucleus within, fate determined by a fleeting molecular kiss."


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