By now, you've probably seen all of the hullaboo on the SciAm site about the launch of the Scientific American MIND blogs. New and old bloggers are teaming up here to write about all things wonderful and strange on psychology, neuroscience, and culture. I'm excited for all the new blogs (go check them out!) and for the opportunity to take this launch to introduce a new series on my blog.

This semester, I'm taking a special topics sociology class entitled "Sociological Analysis of Race Issues in Science." The class consists of a weekly discussion of articles of interest that range widely in this theme from official sociological statements on race, to various cultural/social perceptions of race, to historical and current perspectives on scientific research and policy. It's been a lot of food for thought, especially as a person who is interested in the intersection of neuroscience, society, and policy, so from time to time I'll be sharing the fruits born with you here. Look for these posts in addition to the neuroscience and music themed posts that are typical for this blog!

But as this post goes up, I'll be meticulously studying anatomical brain pictures for an upcoming midterm. So while you're waiting for the new Race Issues in Science series, go check out the six new blogs listed below.

Illusion Chasers


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The Moral Universe

The Scientific American Mind Guest Blog

Image: "A Series of Transverse Vertical Sections Through the Brain in a Case of Lesion of the Half-Vision Centre" via the National Library of Medicine.