I've spent the past week fascinated with the buzz surrounding the forthcoming album from Bjork, Biophilia.

One very unique thing about this new album is the theme of science, nature, technology, and music that surround each song. It's also being released via a series of iPad/iPhone apps, the first of which opens with a narration by an illustrious voice of natural history, David Attenborough:

Bjork's pulled out all the stops for this one, from designing the apps for each song to creating unique musical instruments for scientific-themed live shows to releasing her first music video for the album directed by Micheal Gondry.

Bjork states on her website, "Another way this project's been different is that it started with a lot of research and a lot of reading books and a lot of figuring out where nature and music meet, and structures in nature and structures in music where they are similar, and then going in and writing the songs."

I'll be following each song and its accompanying app as it is released in advance of the album's full release on September 27, but this weekend will definitely be spent playing around with the album's apps.