Sci is at Neurotic Physiology today, covering the hot new study on pupil dilation as a way to detect sexual preference. Complete with romance novel moments!

They stood, framed by stormclouds, together on the windswept cliff. The stranger held Rosamund in an iron grasp, and she thought for a moment he would, indeed, cast her into the waves. But then, as lightning flickered across the sky, she caught his gaze. His eyes lingered on hers, on her tear stained cheeks, on her alabaster neck, pale with cold and damp with rain. In his eyes, she saw a mingling of rage and something else. Was it...desire? Slowly, his hard expression thawed, and Rosamund knew that this night, at least, she was not meant to die.

(If you think that's creepy, ready a romance novel. An astonishing number are like that).

And to read abotu the study itself? Head over and check it out.