On Earth Day, tens of thousands of scientists and science supporters marched in cities all over America and around the world. Their mission: to stand up for science in the face of the Trump administration, which has presented an unprecedented threat to American scientific endeavors. They sent a clear message: science is valuable, and we will protect it.

Now that the marches are over, what can you do to help?

In the coming months, I'll be sharing ways you can support scientists and science education. And it all starts today, with a postcard.

Image is a photograph of a postcard. It is oriented vertically. On a white background, capital letters in blue and red spell out STRONG SCIENCE = STRONG AMERICA.
Credit: Dana Hunter

Go to Strong Science = Strong America, and order your postcards.

Once you've got them in hand, have a look at what your federal, state, and local politicians are up to when it comes to science, and then write them a quick note about it.

Thank them for their efforts if they've sponsored legislation that advances science and science funding. Thank them for opposing the Trump administration's war on climate science and budget cuts to vital scientific programs. Tell them you want them to stand strong for science and science education.

Have your politicians supported Trump's efforts to defund and muzzle scientific agencies, or attacked science on a local level? Tell them why that's unacceptable, and why you, as their constituent, expect them to shape up if they want your vote.

Has science improved or saved your life? Helped a loved one? Are you a researcher who depends on public funds to do science? Do you know of local efforts that your politicians should support? Write and tell them.

It's just a postcard, so you don't have to be eloquent. You just have to craft a few sentences, and you're all set.

Here's what I've written to some of my state and federal politicians:

To Senators Cantwell and Murray:

Thank you for introducing the Scientific Integrity Act to protect public research and ensure scientists are able to do their critical work without political interference. And thank you for your strong opposition to Betsy DeVos.

Science and science education are America's best hope for the future. Keep fighting.

I'm with you!

To Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

Thank you for your strong statements in support of science during the March for Science. You have been leading the resistance against Trump and his anti-science, anti-facts agenda from Day One. I'm proud to be your constituent.

Thank you for your efforts to secure free college education for Americans. The odds are long, but I know you'll never give up.

I'm standing with you!

To Governor Jay Inslee:

Thank you for your strong support at the Science March on Saturday. You've promised that "for every anti-science action out of D.C., an equal and opposite reaction in WA." You've sent an unmistakable message that science is vital to the future of our country.

You have science's back – and I have yours.

Let your politicians know that you support science – and you expect them to do the same. Together, we can protect science funding and ensure Americans receive excellent STEM education. We just have to make our voices heard and our expectations clear.


Special thanks to my friend Dr. Anne Jefferson for hooking me up with all these lovely postcards.