Despite Democrats asking for a second confirmation hearing, Betsy DeVos is set to be voted on by the education committee tomorrow.

She will be a disaster for public education.

Her confirmation hearing revealed just how disastrous. It showed that

Aside from that hearing being an utter catastrophe, there are serious and ongoing concerns over her ethics review.

Her goal isn't to further public education: it's to " confront the culture in ways that will continue to advance God's kingdom."

And the charter schools she supports will only increase America's problem with de facto racial segregation, and aggravate the gaps between rich and poor students.

Even those who attended Calvin College, her alma mater, are against her nomination.

We need to flip three Republican senators in order to block Betsy DeVos's nomination. Please call your senators today, and say these two simple sentences that could save American public education:

My name is X, and I'm a constituent from zip code ____. I'm calling to ask [Senator's name] to block Betsy DeVos from the position of education secretary.

Here are the numbers for the Republican senators who most need to hear from you.

Susan Collins (ME) (207) 622-8414 & (202) 224-2523

Lamar Alexander (TN) (615)-736-5129 & (202) 224-4944

Lisa Murkowski (AK) (907)-586-7277 & (202) 224-6665

Johnny Isakson (GA) (770)-661-0999 & (202) 224-3643

Orrin Hatch (UT) (801) 524-4380 & (202) 224-5251

Richard Burr (NC) (336) 631-5125 & (202) 224-3154

Michael Enzi (WY) (307) 261-6572 & (202) 224-3424

Dr. Bill Cassidy (LA) (225) 929-7711 & (202) 224-5824

Pat Roberts (KS) (785) 295-2745 & (202) 224-4774

Tim Scott (SC) (803) 771-6112 & (202) 224-6121

Rand Paul (KY) (270) 782-8303 & (202) 224-4343

Every child in this country deserves a safe, comprehensive public school education. Every child in this country deserves the opportunity to thrive. Call your senator today, and tell the to vote against Betsy DeVos. She is not the person for that job.

Image has a black background. A symbolic person holding a pointer is behind a podium that says Save Education.
Credit: Dana Hunter