I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be part of a panel today at HuffPost Live discussing the media uproar over Obama's recent Kamala Harris compliment. Along the same lines of my last two blog posts, I'll be explaining what benevolent sexism is, discussing how it might relate to this fiasco, and trying as hard as I can to effectively convey the point that you can note how Obama's remark is indicative of a wider cultural problem/tendency yet still think that Obama himself is actually a good guy/not a "sexist"/generally does really good things for women. We'll see. I have come to learn recently that the Internet is really not a very huge fan of nuance.

ANYWAY, if you would like to watch the panel, see me speak about all of this stuff, learn more about my thoughts on the matter, or generally be part of what will surely be a very interesting discussion, please tune in this afternoon/evening at 5:30 EST (4:30 CST)! The discussion will last about 30 minutes, and here is the link for the livestream: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/how-to-talk-about-a/515eeebe78c90a2f2e0001d2

The discussion should also be archived after the event, so if you cannot catch it, no worries! You can always watch it later on.