The second round of the SciFund Challenge is soon coming to a close - and many projects have been successful in achieving their fundraising goals. Over $75,000 has already been raised, making it clear that crowdfunding for science is a sound strategy for the future of research. How can you ensure a successful campaign? You can start by creating a video production that is unique, entertaining and clear about your objectives. By the looks of it, potential donors are looking at the presentation just as much as the idea. Projects without a great video are simply not getting as much love. Here are my favorites for this round, and remember, you still have a few days left to support your favorites! Campaigns end on May 31!

Best video goes to Greg Goldsmith for 'Watching Clouds in the Cloud Forest'.

Honorable mentions go to:

Aiden Arnold, for 'Helping Children Stay Oriented Through Life'

Aaron Berdanier, for 'Healthy Trees, Diverse Forests'

Catherine Anderson, for 'Budding Scientists'

and a very special mention to my friend Zen Faulkes, who created a second video to go along with his campaign. I love his ideas and his main video for 'Beach of the Goliath Crabs', but the humor and simple message in the second video make it a pleasure to watch. (NB: Zen's project is already fully funded - so I'm not calling him out to get him any more cash, just watch the videos!)

Well done to my favorites, and best wishes to all projects in the SciFund Challenge!